Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish that chickens could cross the road without anyone questioning their intent

Granted. We stop caring about chickens crossing the road, and we just run them over instead.

Granted. You’re on a bus on a cold winter night headed to an event, along with a smattering of other buses behind you. As you approach a winding road, you spot out of the corner of your eye a group of pheasants just minding their own business, picking berries out of bushes.

As you approach a hairpin turn, the group of pheasants dart into the middle of the road. Your bus driver has no time to stop. He slams on his brakes but the icy roads gives him no chance of reducing speed. As you slide into the guard rail slowly coming to a stop, the buses behind you take a similar path, smashing into the side of your bus.

One by one, the buses add more force to the guardrail, weakening its structure, cause it to shear clean off of its supports. The buses tumble down the rock face, slamming into the homes of people below.

Thankfully your bus came to a stop some feet above. As you climb out of an escape hatch, you notice a few people crawling out of the wreckage, but only a few. Death and carnage are everywhere from the ensuing explosions of mangled and ignited propane tanks these people used for heating their homes. Chain reactions spread across the landscape, leaving hundreds no longer able to take another breath.

After you come back to your senses, you notice police up on the curve you just tumbled over. News crews have already started to arrive on the scene. The stories that follow in the coming weeks are all about one question…

Why did the pheasants cross the road? No one questions the chickens anymore.

Thanks : )

Granted: they cross the road to your house and steal your girl. After that you lose your source of income and lose your home and only have the chickens as your friend.

Granted. The new go-to line is “Why did u/WaterRaindrop make that post?”