Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish that chickens could cross the road without anyone questioning their intent

Granted. The chicken now fearlessly cross the road. Some of them get hit by cars. You think that’s sad first. But as the first chicken crosses the road, it becomes clear why they wanted to cross. Slowly but surely an army of chicken arises. They become stronger and stronger. A revolution starts. The revolution goes all around the world. And eventually all humans get extinct. The last thing you see is a chicken running at you while shouting its battle cry.

Granted, the only roads that chickens now cross are in abandoned towns and places where no humans would see them cross, leading to declining chicken populations worldwide as wild animals pick off the easy targets, leading to a worldwide shortage in chicken. This leads to a global economic crisis as well, as major companies such as KFC, as well as farmers can no longer transport their chickens across roads, in order to avoid questioned intent. Eventually, as human population increases and more and more places are watched, there are no longer any places for chickens to cross roads unmatched, and the species goes extinct, nowhere to escape from predators or humans.

Granted; people don’t give a second thought when they inevitably run over chickens

Granted. All humans lose their ability to think.

Granted, chickens are now the only animal alive in the planet, they can now cross any of the the slowly decaying roads in the posapocaliptic wasteland whithout being cuestioned or hit by cars .

Alone they might thrive and eventually evolve into new biodiversity, but never again a sapient species capable of questioning them will ever arise on earth again .