Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish that chickens could cross the road without anyone questioning their intent

It starts with one chicken. Nobody says anything.

Later a few chickens start to cross the road together in groups. Nobody says anything.

Chickens start to cross roads in waves, just a giant tidal wave of chickens all crossing the road, blocking traffic, bringing transportation as we know it to a grinding halt. Nobody says a word.

The entire economy breaks down because of the lack of resources transported over long distances due to the giant mass of chickens crossing the road back and forth constantly day and night, day and night, over and over and over and over and over. No one says a thing, no one questions what is wrong with this world, no one tries to do anything, governments break down, civil wars break out, the entire world is collapsing, and no one. No one questions the chickens.

Granted, the saying now goes “Why did the chicken run to the other side?”.

Granted. Humans no longer have smart enough brains to think or question

Your wish is granted and you get a thank you from me for the great laugh.

Granted. Now every road has multiple crosses made by chickens who just want to vandalyse the streets.

Since you can’t question their intent, we will watch chickens breaking the law and graffiting the roads, drawing weird crosses of all shapes and sizes, putting everyones safety at risk as we will eventually be unable to see the road itself