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Desiderio: I wish that only people under 5ft could legally carry fire arms

Granted, Ben Shapiro still owns a gun

Granted. Robert surely has a quick hand.

As a result of short people finding the minimum height requirements in amusement park rides unconstitutional, the government signed a bill encouraging institutionalized racism against anyone above 5ft. There is a massive list of things people taller than 5ft cannot do, just so happened that one of the laws is that only people who are shorter than 5ft could legally carry firearms.

Granted. Only people under 5 ft are legally allowed to carry arms made out of fire, provided that they can withstand the intense heat. Not much else changes as fiery arms are uncommon at best.

Congratulations, only people who are being stood on by 4 ^1/2 people at all times can own guns, including government workers

Because of the fact that firearms can pretty much not even be made or manufactured anymore, school shootings plummet, however school stabbing a with renaissance swords come to an all time high.

But hey, at least now they have a chance to parry.