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Desiderio: [M] TL;DR: The Monkey’s Paw story

I wonder what was the consequence of the last wish.

Well shoot. That guys an idiot. If the zombie was smart enough to knock that would mean it was a smart zombie. They probably would have been just fine. He should have wished for immortality

Why is it relevant to point that Herbert saw a monkey face in the fire?

Hang on

Isn’t killing off the kid, then getting his zombefied body back weird side effects?

That reminds me of an episode of Buffy that I guessed was inspired by this. Buffy’s sister, Dawn, uses dark magic to bring her mother, Joyce, back to life but she’s basically a reanimated corpse. While Buffy and Dawn are arguing about it, Joyce makes her way back home and knocks on the door. Buffy goes to answer it but there’s no one there anymore because Dawn changed her mind and broke the spell. And we never see Joyce, just her shadow and a little bit of her clothes.