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Desiderio: [M] TL;DR: The Monkey’s Paw story

Granted, they forget to pin the post and it gets lost forever.

I actually read this story this year in my English class. Loved it.

Or you could just watch Suruga Monkey yknow

A family was given a monkeys paw by a veteran that he deacriped as evil and grants wishes³. The man wishes for 200something and claims the paw to have moved. Next afternoon a guy comes to the house and says “ya soon died have 200something”. The wive wishes her son back at night and some knocking is heard from the door. The man undies her wish in a hurry.

I’ve read through the story because it was mandatory for school and I gotta say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to have. I’m never a fan of horror but the writer’s style kept me intrigued throughout.