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This might sound really weird to many people but I like to observe people(not in a creepy way) when I’m in public.Can anyone relate?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: This might sound really weird to many people but I like to observe people(not in a creepy way) when I’m in public.Can anyone relate?

I know this is such a stupid question but here goes nothing.
I have this habit where whenever I'm outside let's just say I'm on a train and instead of plugging in my earphones and fix my eyes on the phone,I watch the people around me doing all kinds of stuff.I am fascinated by the fact how everybody has a life , all of these people are going somewhere to do something and I imagine all kinds of things in mind.
Once I was busy observing people,doing my thing, making up stories in my head and this guy sitting across me,when I was about to get off the train said to me “You got an eye for details,kid.I like that.” He told me he used to study human behaviour. I was a little freaked out honestly.Anyway,I went home after that.

I would love to hear you guys' take on this.

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It’s been a thing for a very long time. Just be aware some people will over react if you get caught.

I listen to music, but I still enjoy peoplewatching. Malls used to be great for that. These days it’s hard to find a place full of leisurely crowds.

I do this to learn social skills, I’ve done it ever since I was a kid.

So this is actually a really good way to help ease social anxiety.

Obviously not creepily, but if you are afraid, or worried people stare at you due to your anxiety, just go to a beach, or a shopping centre, or a park, and observe how many people actually even glance at you let alone look for more than a second.

When I was at my peak of anxiety, my psychologist recommended I do this. I did, I went and just sat in the shopping centre food court, or sat at a busy park. Literally all but 1 to 2 people don’t even look at you. Say out of 100 or so.

Not being harsh, but no one cares what you look like, how your dressed, people just want to get on with their walk, or their food.

If this is something that you do suffer, 1. Send me a message, happy to talk. 2. Think if you go for a walk into a busy shopping centre. How many people do you actually look at? If you walked from one end to the other, how many people would you actually look at? You will look at people normally in front of you or as you look into a shop, but not for more than a glance. That’s how everyone sees people. Your just both there, not looking at each other haha

The guy who talked to you about it was probably doing the same thing. They happened to see you doing it, too, and gave you the metaphorical thumbs up.