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2020 is almost coming to end, what are your predictions for 2021?

Corona will keep going, but less and less overtime, and thats about it, also the usa will have another stupid act, dont know what act yet, but it will i just know it

Maybe like star wars, 2021is a new hope, but 2022 will be the Karen’s strike back

I have it on good authority that January is coming first next year, and while I don’t have any exact figures I think November will be coming relatively late in the year.

We’ll start the year still in the middle of a dispute over the election results, no matter who wins. Also, no matter who wins, they will be dealing with a scandal, and accusations of election fraud/interference.

The stock market will have either just crashed/receded at the end of the year, or will in the early year following the election. Bailout monies will be paid, the economy will recover slowly.

There will be covid vaccines. The news cycle of the early year will be dominated by updates about the availability of vaccines, who can get them, debates about who gets them, reports of anti-vaxxer protests, etc.

China will take more aggressive action in terms of Hong Kong, and other expansionist stuff.

Middle East will be surprisingly quiet until sometime around the middle of the year. Then there will be reports of a “potential WW3” situation. This will be this first big story to dominate the news cycle as covid is less significant.

A bunch of arrests will be made surrounding the Epstein/Maxwell case.

Some famous people will die. My bingo card has Betty White, Noam Chomsky, Willie Nelson, Queen Elizabeth, Little Richard.

And then, aliens. Literal extra-terrestrials will appear.


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