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2020 is almost coming to end, what are your predictions for 2021?

Slightly shittier but people reading motivational posts on social media will pretend their whole world started with a clean slate.

Mass extinction and aliens will blow up the earth and knock the moon out of orbit into venus

Let’s not provoke C’thulu at this point. Everyone just BE COOL for a bit.

All toilets start flushing backwards.

I have a feeling it’ll be a mixture of good and bad although i reckon still better than 2020. The bad well we’re still going to have covid so we’ll still be dealing with deaths and hospitalisations. Not to mention the economy is still going to be in the worst recession we’ve seen in years.

However I’m also optimistic we’ll see the start of the roll out of a covid vaccine to the general public towards the end of 2021. Or at the very least hopefully confirmation that a covid vaccine has been approved for roll out the following year in 2022. Also hopeful we’ll have better treatments for covid so while we’re still fighting covid we should hopefully have much hetter control over it. And countries around the world can maybe then start to focus on the economic recovery.

So basically it’ll be a shit year but not as shit this year has been