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911 operators of Internet, what is the stupidest reason that someone has ever called?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: 911 operators of MassimoL, what is the stupidest reason that someone has ever called?
911 operators of MassimoL, what is the stupidest reason that someone has ever called?

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Firefighter here. Here are a few actual calls we have been started to:

Popcorn in the eye.
Ghost in the attic.
Possible smoke in the house(turns out the caller was crying which made things blurry so they thought it was smoke).
Adult with leg stuck in laundry shoot.
Caller dropped a cigarette on the garage floor and didn’t know what to do.
Fried chicken was too dry.
Leg through the floor while on the toilet.

Guy parked in a private parking lot that he wasn’t supposed to. People that owned the lot blocked him in.

“I need the police. They won’t let me out unless I apologize.”

“…could you…do that? Before I send the police out there, do you think you could…apologize?”

long pause

“I really don’t want to.”

“So you need police because you can’t apologize?”

“Fuck. Ok, never mind. I’ll apologize.” click

It is amazing how often pettiness results in a call to 911.

I was the one who had to call 911 for this but close enough for MassimoL.
I was working with an idiot who one day took note that if he shot his steel-toe boot on the steel-toe with a nail gun that said nail would curve around the steel-toe. And this worked out for him for a while till that pesky erosion and metal fatigue thing happened and the nail went through and nailed his foot to a door frame. So being the youngest person on the crew I got picked to make the call and that was when I found out that there is no way to express the stupidity such as that without sounding like you are making it up.

They did send an ambulance and a few officers and at first they thought we might have done it to him but after they did an investigation and looked through our lockers they found that he was keeping a collection of pics of huge shits that he took and they just kinda noped out of there.

And somehow 20 years later he is still alive and now working as a safety supervisor for a large trucking company.

I’m the one who called… I got lost in a hotel in the middle of the night after hooking up with some dude and ended up in their inner courtyard with everything locked. The receptionist told me he couldn’t find me and to call the cops. They had to get me out of there. SO embarrassing. First thing I did when they picked up was apologize.

I had one call on Thanksgiving that their oven was locked and they could not get their turkey out… it was really busy that night and we instructed them to turn the oven off and we could head over when we could.