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Why is there such a difference in mirror appearance and photo/selfie appearance?

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A lot of times I’ll look in the mirror and think I look really attractive then I take a selfie and that goes out the window entirely and I’ll think I’m really ugly. It’s like I’m two different people, what are the reasons for this?

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A wide angle lens will make your nose big and your face deformed. If you want a nice portrait, ask a friend who has a decent camera and a 125-300mm lens.

If you are a man and want to look handsome, squint your eyes while taking photo. Seriously, try it.

In your mirror your image is flipped horizontally. That is how you most often see yourself and that is how you expect yourself to look.

Selfie cameras show your image not flipped, how everyone else sees you. Since all faces are somewhat asymmetrical, this looks subtly off to you and that feeling usually makes you not like it. But your selfie looks normal to everyone else.

Also selfie cameras tend to be pretty wide angle and held fairly close to the face which is not an attractive way to photograph someone.

The mirror is flat, the lens is round. This creates distortion.

You look at the mirror and see an over 16K resolution. Your phone creates a possibly interpolated 4K version with pixellation, compression artifacts, banding, and other digital anomalies.

The light is steady when looking in the mirror. Selfies depend on steady hands.

The angle is dead on in the mirror. The selfie depends on the angle.

The mirror is distant enough for you to take everything in. The phone is arms length.

Mirrors allow your eyes to focus. Phones try to focus accurately but are not as good as your eyes.

Your eyes handle imagery (with help from your brain.) Your phone depends on lens, algorithms, settings and processing speeds.

How do other people see us then? As we look in the mirror albeit mirrored or as we see ourselves on selfies?

I prefer the way I look on selfies, then the mirror and then the non-selfie pic in that order. Which of these is closer to the way we actually look like?