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All world heads of state enter into a battle royale. Who wins?

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head [see: dictator] of the Chechen Republic.

He is a die-hard MMA fanatic, whose been linked with Khabib before. His sons are professionals and he funds and operates his own gym with a good amount of pro fighters. This plus the fact that he would be 44 years old against a bunch of pot-bellied seniors would probably make him the favorite. Also would like to add that he’s a raging barbarian who should be taken out back and shot.

Dalai Lama, my man can reincarnate. Beat that.

I don’t know but now I’m picturing Anchorman like fight scenes with world leaders.

Queen Elizabeth II. She is in better shape in her 90s than i am in my 30s, she has more XP than anyone else, she knows her way around guns, and she is trained in most martial arts to the level of sensei.

The public.