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Am I the only one that gets incredibly stressed/annoyed over ridiculous password requirements and constantly having to pick a new password?

I just add a number at the end, fuck the IT department that makes me change every 3 months

I use keeper, it’s great. You can also store docs and travel data like passport copies, drivers license, embassy info. It will generate passwords too but it been a lifesaver no longer writing passwords and putting them in a safe.


Some people outlined it nicely, a password manager will help you a lot. I know it seems ridiculous, however bad actors will go to enormous lengths to get your information. Not only that but autonomous pieces of code are being developed constantly to thwart the few protections you have. Unless you just don’t store anything of value digitally then this is for your own good, and frankly scammers love people that are “fed up with passwords”, they make easy marks. It only takes slipping up once.