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Consiglio: – Scratch Under Your Dog’s Bra

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No, you read that right.
I saw a post on here a little while ago that mentioned scratching under your significant other's bra line near the end of the day as its a place with a lot of pressure and the scratches feel good!

Well, last night while my s/o was getting ready for bed and my pup was giving her usual 'pay attention to me' eyes. As i was giving her some pets, i remembered the MassimoL post and looked down at her collar.
I removed her collar and scratched underneath, where a crease had built up from the days use – and she absolutely LOVED IT.
I'm talking full body stretch, heavy eyes, 'hey why'd you stop??', loved it.

This went on for about 20 minutes as every time i stopped, she'd push her head back under my hand to get some more!

I've never thought about how much pressure is built up there and how relieving it must feel to get that scratch after a long day of running around with neighbor dogs and barking at absolutely nothing!

Life pro tip – scratch under your dogs collar, they will love you even more for it!