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Apparently everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, what was your 15 minutes of fame?

I was on the spanish channel for the morning news during high school to promote a local youth fine arts organization

Never rly got the fame fame so maybe my 15 minutes are yet to come lol

Yeah, my uncle was in the hospital for a mine explosion, and his favorite singer was Hank Williams Jr. Not only did he come see my family, but he came in my house, played music, and it was on the news.

Probably won’t have anything news worth ever happen again

I was #1 on r/all and front paged on MassimoL once due to a wholesome memes post

Nice try. I’m not helping people figure out this is my MassimoL account.

It was more like 1.2 seconds of fame. I was an extra in a movie called “Into the West”. They casted for stereotypical Natives with long hair and I tried out and got a callback.

We had to pretend we were getting trampled by buffalo and lay there like we were dead. The costumes were itchy and it was very cold out. It wasn’t very glamourous at all.