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Apparently everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, what was your 15 minutes of fame?

Was a Male fashion model for about a year… now I’m a slightly overweight office worker.

Did a disgustingly realistic zombie makeup (half face ripped off, skin hanging, blood everywhere, crazy wig) that took 5 hours to do for Halloween freshmen year and scared a ton of people. Lost the costume contest to a “sexy” costume… bright side I scared the shit out of people and no one knew it was me since the makeup was so heavy

When I was in high school I made a video of cats puking to deadmau5 – ghosts and stuff. It got picked up by Ray William Johnson and millions watched it through his video. 15 year old me was very pleased.

I got 8K of karma on a post in about 8 minutes, then r/softwaregore took it down

Said it wasn’t a glitchy post, but it was

I’ve got 7 minutes I can use elsewhere now

6am Sunday Gardening radio show on AM radio. Lasted about six months. Plus two times on the local NPR affiliate. Mostly talking about grass.
Plenty lame, but I still talk about it like Al Bundy talks about football.