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As a women, how do I make platonic male friends?

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There's nothing wrong with guys wanting to be in a relationship or hookup with a women obviously but how would you go about finding and making a purely platonic male friend.

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I’d say be vocal about being completely uninterested in sexual relations and just wanting to be friends. It’s not guaranteed that every dude who will be your friend won’t be doing it hoping for a chance down the road but you might find legit platonic friends this way too.

By offering what men want from a friend.

Male friendships are largely driven by shared interests and activities, not by shared emotions. So take up a hobby that has men in it, and then make it clear you’re there for the hobby.

Be non-fuckable. Easier if they’re gay. See “When Harry Met Sally” bit by Crystal.

Just say you want to be a platonic friend with your own words.
More importantly, do not seek validation or too much attention from your platonic male friends it is not ok. Act like a dude, think like a woman.

Others have said that you should be open upfront about it, which is certainly true. The problem you’ll encounter tho is that many are not that interested in that.

Another question you might want to answer first is, why you want to specifically make a MALE platonic friend. Why has he have to be male and would this potential male friend be okay with your explanation. Usually women, in my experience, want a male platonic friend to get tips for their relationships with other dudes. There are not a lot of men, who are into that.

Usually (male) friendships are built around common interests. I have two female platonic friends and both were in a relationship when we became friends and I only can imagine them being in that relationship with their boyfriends/husbands. We can talk and engage in our interest (one is latin/greek poetry, the other is classical music) without there even be a thought of something else. Though we talk about many different things, but there is always this initial common bond of interest.