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How often do worms tie themselves into knots?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: How often do worms tie themselves into knots?

Last spring, I was digging in the garden. With my trowel, I uncovered a worm. But the worm was…wait for it…tied into an impossible knot (!!)
Gently, I untied it; it wriggled away. I like to think it cast a backwards glance of thanks, but of course worms have neither eyes to glance with, nor shoulders to glance backwards over. I have wondered ever since: does this happen to worms a lot? Would it have figured itself out had I not happened on it? And, how absurd!

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With the way worms move, I don’t think it would have been stuck like that, each section gets thinner as it moves forward then fattens out to grip the walls of its tunnel, it’s not like it gets pulled from the ends to tighten any knot that forms.