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Autistic man here. Why do so many people hate on autistic people? Using autistic as an insult, bullying us online, claiming we need to be “cured”. Where is this hate coming from?

Just letting you know, not all of us hate autistic people.


I think it might be because it’s viewed as being “not normal” which certain people can’t live with:

Insecure children, it’s all insecurities no matter what. The way I see it? Don’t joke about the things people can’t control about themselves. I see a lot of hate on here on issues that don’t particularly affect the vocal haters.

I can only imagine how much seeing those insults hurt, and I’m sorry people like that exist. The best thing we can do is report those hurtful things, inform others about how their words have an effect on others, and hope some folks learn to grow up.

It’s nothing on what you do, so stay you, MassimoL needs more compassionate people.

I have an autistic teenager and he is really terrible about picking up conversational cues, controlling his volume, and talking over people (louder and louder until they give up). He’s been coached on this numerous times and even though I still sympathize, he’s really annoying at best and severely grating at worst. It can present to people as simply selfishness and/or narcissm. He’s getting better though now that he got a job and is interacting with the public in a meaningful and independent way.