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Autistic man here. Why do so many people hate on autistic people? Using autistic as an insult, bullying us online, claiming we need to be “cured”. Where is this hate coming from?

>Where is this hate coming from?

Short answer: they are bigots.

They simply view anyone who is “different” from them in any way as inferior or undesirable.

You are not the flawed one. They are.

Morons, why hate on something that the person has no control over, that is just blatantly ignorant.

I’ve worked with a few autistic people. Some of them can be incredibly kind, professional and gentle. Others can be very annoying or absolute bastards.

The annoying and the bastards will be remembered.

I have Autism myself, and I think I have an idea. Many people just don’t understand people like us, and they think we are much less human. It’s sort of like with racism, sexism, and homophobia. Just because we “don’t think normally” (actual quote I heard from someone), apparently means we are terrible.

Most people moved on from saying the same things about gays. Autistic people are just the current target. Wonder what it will be next.