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Dear non Germans: What do you think of Germany?

From my perspective you’ve done an admirable job emerging from a very dark period.

Also you guys look pretty organized, which appeals to my Type A personality.

I would very much like to visit.

Some lovely baked goods.

Deutschland. Rammstein. Beer. Immanuel Kant. Friedrich Nietzche. Martin Heidegger. Gottlob Frege. Karl Marx. Goethe. Beethoven. Bach. Brahms. Schlieffen Plan.

I’m an American transplant to Germany.

It’s a country with a strong economy, a competent and fair government, and for the most part is a really good place to live.

I think I relate more to the German/European culture and value system than the US one. Things like travel, hobbies, friendship, and fitness are things that I value more than religeon, a nuclear family, working, and independance (in the “isolationist” sense, not in the “I want to be a slave to big brother” sense). I feel more like I belong living here, and my daily and weekly routine is much more rich living in a German city compared to the US suburbs.

they make for great bad guys in movies