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Dear non Germans: What do you think of Germany?

It’s alright, I’ve been there a lot. I’m from Switzerland, so a lot of field trips were to Germany when I was in school. I’m confused by not swiss german, but otherwise it’s cool

It’s probably my favorite country. I was there for about 3 months for work a few years ago. I really, really, really would like to move there, especially considering how fucked up my own country (the US) is nowadays.

The things that stick out to me as why I love it so much: I love the relationship with nature most Germans seem to have, which is evident even in the way a lot of cities are designed. I love how relatively mainstream board games are there- a major hobby of mine. Of course I love the beer, duh. (Augustiner is the nectar of the GODS.) And you can drink it on the street, because Germans aren’t crazy puritans like we all seem to be over here! I love the sense of history there: not only the fact that history is everywhere and the whole place just feels older than the US, but also the respect for history Germans have, considering the dark times they went through. Would be great to live in a country where the police actually did something about Nazis. I also love the language: I just find the structure of the German language so satisfying. (Not crazy about some of the accents, though, if I’m being honest!) And I love the appreciation for culture there maybe most of all. I’m a classical musician, which is something the average American doesn’t know ANYTHING about. But in Germany I remember having a conversation with some buff jock dude in a bar who was fascinated to talk with me about opera. I remember telling him I was surprised he knew so much, and he said, “Of course I know so much about opera- I’m German!” The fact that the state subsidizes classical music is just mind blowing to an American. Germans, in general, just have their priorities so much better in order than we do over here.

Not to say there aren’t negatives. Germans (Europeans in general) definitely tend to be a bit more stand-offish and cold in interactions with strangers than we are over here in the US. And obviously there are issues in Germany with the far right, even with the country’s wariness about their history. Nowhere near as big a problem as over here, though!

My dad’s parents were German Jewish WWII refugees and he grew up surrounded by people with similar backgrounds. Until I was practically an adult my idea of a German was that of an older man with a spitzbart, cane, bizarrely dark sense of humor, and complete intolerance for anything and anyone who isn’t neat and on time.

As an adult, well, my picture of Germans and Germany didn’t change all that much even after visiting.

great country, great products, people have always been nice, they even offered to repair the damage that was done to my country after the war ended far a very very modest price, and a lot of the damage wasnt even done by them to begin with, they literally treated us better than the country that was supposed to be guarding and leading us during the war; Britain

I admire Germany for what I’ve heard about their education on WWII and how they don’t hide all of the atrocious things they’ve done in the past, unlike where I live. I don’t know much else, other than your language is a little harsh sounding, but beautiful.