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Dear non Germans: What do you think of Germany?

Yall mfers got a no speed limit highway, it’s both intriguing and scary. Good on you Germany!

My only trip to Germany was to Hamburg which was…meh. Not impressed. I’d love to visit some of your bigger cities like Berlin or Munich and experience the difference in culture between them as I know they’re very different. I hear you’ve got really beautiful countryside too which would be cool to see.

Im nearly fluent in Danish but still have a strong British accent when I speak it. When I went to Germany and tried speaking German everyone said I spoke German with a Danish accent. Can’t win.

I worked with a guy named Yannick who was German. That was really all I knew about him- he worked for our organization, his name was Yannick, and he was German. He was an IT type- quiet guy.

One day, I had a bag of pistachios that I was eating at my desk. Yannick walked by and was waiting to talk to someone else- I said hello and offered him a pistachio. He said no thanks, he didn’t like pistachios.

Another data point!

My mind immediately began searching for a reason why Yannick wouldn’t like pistachios, and I connected it to the only other thing I knew about him- he was German. We all know that Germans love efficiency, and pistachios aren’t the most efficient snack. There’s a little bit of work involved and sometimes you can’t get them to open at all.

Yannick, as a German, doesn’t like pistachios because they are an inefficient snack.This is now something I assume about all Germans.

I don’t think the film “das Leben der anderen” gives a good insight into modern German.

Nice Currywurst