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Disabled/Chronically Ill utenti, what’s the worst piece of advice someone has given you to “cure” your illness/disability?

Years ago a fellow patient recommended a supplement she swore by. Went to GNC and it was pricey enough to cause me to delay the purchase. A couple of days later it was banned by the FDA due to more than a few sudden deaths. I think I dodged a bullet.

When I tell you I have chronic daily migraine, please don’t tell me about your headaches. Don’t tell me about your sisters in laws hair dresser. Just agree that it’s awful and tell me you hope I am having a low pain day.

Vitamins instead of Ritalin for ADS. Also Vitamins for Autism. Also, never ever get vaccinated because Autism. My mom is fun

Drink apple cider vinegar— from a doctor. She then consented to order a scan. I needed surgery ASAP, turns out.

I have PCOS and possibly endo… my favorite piece of advice is to “ignore it” because “it is all made up and in your head”

Yeah, no. I have ultrasound and bloodwork results that say something much different…