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Why are dicks deemed ugly?

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In the ufc they banned Speedos because Dana white deemed it ugly.

During female mma they have ring girls. My husband was banned from planet fitness because his gray shorts were to revealing. In movies they never show dick.

Im originally from France and sex was a lot more casual. In our films you see dick fully. When I moved america when I was 19 i noticed how much dick was shamed.

The irony…. You Americans say not to body shamy fat people but will shame dick s??? Regardless of size…

Big dicks are called ugly and small dicks are made fun of? Why?

The logic makes no sense,… Meanwhile you can show gun fights.

This is my 5th year in America. I dont get it.

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Doesn’t it have something to do with puritanical/religious reasons. We glorify things like violence and guns but nudity/sex is much more taboo. It’s so strange and backwards but that how a lot of media is here

If you want to see male nudity watch more HBO shows

Because the colonizers were Protestants that were prude AF. That’s my best guess, anyway.

Personally, I think dicks are beautiful. 😛

Not only did the US start prudish, it started with mostly straight men in charge of the entertainment industry. And what straight guy in an age of homophobia would want to say “Hey, I want to film this guy naked and force other men to see it”? Maybe there’s even a thought that only large dicks are something to be proud of, so lots of guys would be ashamed of their average size and not be confident in front of even their partners.