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Do people running farms not get emotionally attached to the animals they butcher?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Do people running farms not get emotionally attached to the animals they butcher?

This isn't any vegan propaganda. But I find that even when I dissected frogs in biology, which were already dead, I felt this guilt weighing down on me, and it still does. Maybe it's because I was raised vegetarian. Just curious!

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We raised turkeys and we made sure not to name them or turn them into pets. My hay guy raises Black Angus and only Black Angus. I offered to give him my geurnsey cross bull since we weren’t going to start raising cattle. He said no because he didn’t look like his other cattle and he would be able to tell who went to sale and who didn’t. He said he can’t tell who is who when he takes his cattle to sale because they all look the same lol

Farmers don’t usually butcher their own animals. They sell the animal alive to meat processors. There are of course exceptions, but it’s not the norm.

In most cases they just don’t let themselves get attached. But, I’ve known a few who had favorite cows that became like pets to them and were kept until they passed naturally.

My BIL had to stop raising poultry because he and his boys got attached and the slaughter was too emotional and difficult.

We raise quail, geese, ducks, and are planning on expanding soon. We do butcher them ourselves.

I am very attached to them. They are my babies. But, they are also my food. I take comfort from the fact that they are kept super healthy, happy, and enriched. We pride ourselves on making sure our animals have the best life, right up until they are food. Even then, we try and do it as respectfully as possible.

We spend more money on making sure they are happy and healthy than we spend on ourselves lol