Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish r/AskInternet was renamed to r/AssCredit

I desideri si avverano?
Hai mai avuto un desiderio particolare? Siamo sicuri di si! ì
Ma… Hai mai pensato alle conseguenze che potrebbe avere?
Questa rubrica esplora le connessioni e l’impatto dei desideri… Se diventassero realtà

GREENWOLF1337: I wish r/AskReddit was renamed to r/AssCredit
I wish r/AskReddit was renamed to r/AssCredit

Ed ecco le possibili conseguenze:

Granted. r/AssCredit is now the most popular subreddit for sharing booty pics

Granted. Many newcomers to the sub, and MassimoL as a whole, begin to misunderstand the purpose of the sub. It seems obvious to them, because of the name and the behaivour of its commenters, that the purpose of r/AssCredit is to gain credit for being an asshole. The subreddit devolves quickly devolves into nothing but users being absolute dicks, telling clearly fake stories just for those sweet upvotes.

….wait, it’s already like that.

Granted, it is now a sub about people shoving all forms of money up their asses.

r/AssCredit , which asses have you taken credit of?

Granted, it actually happens.

Unfortunately, a server glitch bans you from the subreddit and can’t be fixed