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Do you believe in aliens, Why or why not?

One planet out of billions has life and that’s it? Yeah, no.

No. Although the vast size of the universe is often used to claim that statistically aliens must exist somewhere at some time, this doesn’t mean they do. I think we all internally want aliens to exist because then we won’t feel so lonely in the universe. If we are the only planet with life on it in the entire universe it makes us rather unimportant. We’re so rare that in the grand scale of things we’re only a minuscule part of anything. The belief in aliens validates our personal experiences and helps us feel like humanity is actually important.

I wonder if aliens are asking this same question right now and debating it just like us because they too cannot actually locate any life in the known universe…

Yes because why else would there be UFO conspiracy theories?

Just do to the sheer size of the universe it seems pretty likely that there is some other form of life out there somewhere. However that same vastness of the universe means its pretty unlikely that any of them have ever visited earth.