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Do you believe in aliens, Why or why not?

It is HIGHLY probably that aliens exist, given the size of the universe and the number of habitable planets we’ve discovered and are currently observing. There is little reason to believe that what happened here on earth couldn’t have happened on thousands (or likely more) of other planets as well.

There are infinite planets (we know of) and what makes people think we are the only life? Also didn’t the pentagon confirm that a ufo (may not be an alien, but potentially could be) was real?

I do believe they exist. Statistically speaking, there HAS to be other life out there, the size of the universe is way too big for there to be nothing else. Even if other life isn’t anywhere near as advanced as us (which I highly doubt) it still has to exist

Not in the traditional space alien sense, but yes. I don’t think we’ve been visited though. I don’t think anything knows we’re here. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Earths position in the Milky Way, we’re kind of out in the boondocks.

Yes because if there was any other life in the universe we would still be aliens to them