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Does this film cliche have a name?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Does this film cliche have a name?

What’s the name of the film cliche (if it does have one) where’s there’s a fight happening between some characters and then it suddenly cuts to a quiet location like a restaurant and you see people eating etc then suddenly the characters smash through the doors/window continuing their fight, I’ve seen it in so many films and shows.

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I couldn’t find this one specifically, but it’s a close cousin of the Bar brawl varient of destination defenestration.

There may be a more specific term for the exact example you’ve mentioned, but I think it’s (also?) an example of juxtaposition: switching between different moods to create pacing and highlight the contrast.

not really a specific term for it, i would call it either juxtaposition or contrast, depending on the context
(source: literally just graduated film school lmao)

Here’s your chance! Name it now and it will be documented in MassimoL that you are creator.

On a similar vein, a bloody fight scene but in slow motion with classical music playing