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My (24F) husband (26M) talks to his teddy bears more than me. He only recently started buying them online.

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We have been happily married for just over 7 months now. Bought our first home and we’re talking about having kids. Everyone sees us as the ‘perfect couple’. This was until recently.

Since lockdown started, my husband (we’ll call him Phil) has been acting strange. This is only a recent thing but he has taking a liking to stuffed animals, in a disturbing way.

Phil had giving me a few teddy’s from past valentines which were stored away when we moved into our house. Last month I went into our bedroom and he had them laid out on the bed (3 of them). Said he wanted to sleep with them. One of the animals is a small panda which he likes the most. He named him Kyle. I didn’t think much of it then, I just thought it was a bit odd and he was probably joking.

A month later and he’s ordered countless teddy bears online. We must have about 20 at this stage. He brings some downstairs when we have dinner and pretends to feed them. He tells me not to be so rude to them when I don’t respond to their questions. Last week, I seen him in the bedroom having a full blown conversation with Kyle and others about the effects Covid will have on the country…

One time, we went to go to bed and I shoved them off the bed and he screamed.. yes screamed. In a complete serious tone he said ‘You could of hurt them.’

I’ve asked him countless of times what’s going on and where the fuck did this strange obsession come from but he says there’s nothing strange about it. He just likes them and to stop questioning him about it.

The worst part is he has completely stopped talking to me since this strange behaviour started. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a grown man having a sentimental teddy bear. But these have become like his kids in a way. I know it sounds bizarre. Honestly I didn’t even want to post this as it’s so embarrassing but I need advice. What the hell is going on? I feel like I’ve lost my partner and he has gone completely mad. He is an intelligent, well respected man in his field of work and has always been mature beyond his age.

I’m typing this in bed and my husband is sleeping next to me. Except instead of me, he’s cuddling Kyle.

Please help.

TL;DR: my husband has developed an obsession with stuffed animals and talks to them instead of me. Says I need to treat them better.

I have a hard time believing this is real, but if it is, your husband is having some kind of break down and needs professional help. That’s not a judgement about masculinity or anything like it, but an inexplicable change in behavior that profound is seriously concerning.

ETA: OP, if you feel or start to feel concerned for your safety, take those concerns seriously. You mentioned he screamed at you about your behavior with the bears. If you feel like you are in danger, there is nothing wrong with making yourself safe.

Please don’t fault me for asking this, but does your husband have any previous psych diagnosis?

If this is not a joke you need to seek immediate psychiatric help for him. It’s legitimately delusional.

Everyone has mentioned a psychological issue may be possible; but, I know extreme personality or mental problems shifting like this rapidly could also be caused by a brain tumor so this sounds fairly serious

Either this is a shit post or your husband needs psychological help.