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My (24F) husband (26M) talks to his teddy bears more than me. He only recently started buying them online.

Your husband needs psychiatric assistance like right now. He could be regressing because of unresolved childhood trauma, he could be having a full on mental break. He needs help.

Ok I also had my doubts about this post but I’m going to give OP the benefit of the doubt after reading through the comments.

When I was 19 I rented a room from a couple. I had met the wife in college and they were a very nice, well adjusted couple. A couple months after I moved in I realized something wasn’t right. The husband would start talking nonsense to me and had a lot of delusional thinking.

Long story short, he had developed schizophrenia at 27 years old. The wife had to divorce him after he became abusive and refused to take his meds. He’s in prison now for attacking 2 customers at his job.

Please get help for him now! Call his parents for back up if you have to. He needs a psych evaluation ASAP!

I’m not going to speculate about his childhood or suggest what might be happening. All I’m going to say is that these are serious signs of mental break and that you should seek immediate professional intervention.

Don’t be confrontational with him but don’t be overly supportive of any delusions he has either. Just work on gently getting him into a psychologist or psychiatrist immediately. Start making phonecalls and speak to your doctor about this. It could be serious and you don’t want to wait around with something of this nature.

It doesn’t seem like he’s a danger to himself or others right now and I doubt you have to fear for that but you should still keep your eye on him in case he gets any reckless ideas that he isn’t thinking through. When you have an altered state of mind, it’s easy to miss the obvious consequences staring you in the face.

Please take this seriously. Don’t be rude to him about it and invalidate him but also don’t buy into it and support any delusions he may have. Just get him help.