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Everyone that you’ve ever had sex with is trapped in a blank room. The only thing in it is a piece of paper telling them that the only way out is for them to figure out the specific thing that they all have in common. How long does it take them/how do they figure it out?

Not too long. Half of them know eachother.

My wife and my ex wife alone in a room together? That’s the stuff of nightmares!

My taste in men is pretty eclectic. They have little to nothing in common except me but I think the jig would be up quick that it was me because there is a couple of groups in that mix who know each other and I know I slept with them all.

Well my wife and ex #1 are friends and ex #1 and ex #2 know each other. So those three would figure it out pretty quickly. Also, ex #1 and fling #1 used to be roommates, and fling #2 and fling #3 are friends. That leaves fling #4 who doesn’t know anybody but would pretty quickly pick up on the context clues from the other girls. So I give them less than a minute.