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Ex-convicts of Internet, what is the worst thing that happened in prison?

An accused double murderer got in with the Warden due to his skills as an ex-banker – cooking his books and doing tax returns for the guards. This special favour allowed him enough leeway and lack of general supervision to slowly dig a tunnel from his cell to a drain pipe, which he did over the course of 20-some years. From there he crawled to the outside world and I hear he’s somewhere in Mexico now but I don’t remember the name of the town.

“I pushed a man, Just to see him frown”

Not prison but jail. They housed the juvenile boys across the hall from the women and one of the boys wanted to send a kite (a note) to his girlfriend who was in another cell block. The girls I was with opened it and read it and the boy was using a lot of racist terms talking about the boys he was with and the girls told the other guys in the block what he said and the threatened to beat his ass all the way up until the co came and moved him to another block.

Obligatory not-an-ex-convict. But know a guy. Went in for going down on a minor. He said, in prison, if you mess up, the gangs corner you and shank you within an inch of your life. To which you go to the infermary, and they patch you up, and you go into rehab to facilitate healing. At which point, once your healed, you go back into prison, where they’ll corner you and shank you within an inch of your life again. Thisll happen over and over and over. He says he saw it happen to a guy for 2 years straight. He wouldn’t be out for a week before he was back in the NICU.

Oh, the reason? One of the prison guards made it nice and comfortable for some of the most hard core gang members in his cell block, to make this guys life in prison hell, for raping his child daughter.

That’s right, prison guards pay prisoners to keep the peace, or to terrorize others.

The rapes you hear after lockdown in the federal prison would have to take the cake