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What useless skill do you have?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What useless skill do you have?
What useless skill do you have?

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Bold of you to assume I have any skill

I can put stuff into Google translate and translate it enough times for it to be funny.

Mad butterfly knife skills.

Me in high school: This will impress the girls
girls were not impressed

Me at work: This will impress the co-workers, particularly the lady ones
HR was not impressed

I’ve been able to recite the capital of any US State from memory since elementary school. If I’m ever stuck in a wifi-less Amish town and there’s a bomb about to go off and the only way to disarm it is by answering “What’s the capital of South Dakota?”, then I’m golden!

Without looking at the clock I can almost always guess the correct time and probably be off by 10 or so minutes.