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Fellow dummies: what’s the biggest, most blatant signal from a girl that you’ve ever missed?

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I was alone with a girl in a rec room once. We were drinking and playing pool and she literally said to me “you know, I’ve always really really wanted to have sex on a pool table. How about you?”

My reply was “… no, no way. I bet that’d be really uncomfortable.”

The night ended shortly thereafter and it haunts me to this day.

EDIT: I think what we’re all learning here is that ladies, it’s literally not possible to be too forward.

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I’m gonna answer for my now husband. I flashed him in HS and it still took him 6 years after to admit he liked me. Finally I went swimming at his place, he had a luvsac. I told him I’d always wanted to have sex on one, that I was gonna get naked now and he should too. We have now been married for 9 years.

We were at a party and she put her hand on my dick and I quickly removed it and said ,”woah watch out.”

Id been getting along well with a girl for a while. Her friends always joked about “us” and she happily played in to it. On a night out we had a drunken kiss.

Then we went back home from uni for the term break. She invited me round to stay at hers at her parents house one night so we saw each other over the break, and planned some stuff for us to do. We went to the cinema, went for a meal, went back to her place, watched a scary movie on her bed together and… I was tired so asked about the spare bed…

Low self confidence can make you the most oblivious moron on the planet.

Girl was hugging me and telling “damn i could use some sex right now”.

A girl once invited me to shower with her. Straight up. And I was stupid and didn’t go. I must have really fucked up because I tried kissing her a week later and failed miserably. Another girl made a point to tell me that she missed having sex since breaking up with her ex. And another girl told me the kind of guys she liked, phisically, and it was basically a description of me. And I missed all of those