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Where can I go to waste time when wife’s women friends are over?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta ai ragazzi.

I have 4 women and like 15 kids at my house right now. I already walked around Home Depot twice.

Where else can I go??

Ed ecco le risposte:

Go park in a parking garage and take a refreshing car nap

“Sorry guys, I’m not feeling very well”

*go up to my bedroom, close the door, and lay down in bed playing on my phone or reading a book*

Set up a small MMA league with the kids and throw a PPV for the ladies

Dana White them

Watch a movie then write a full review on it (around 700 to 1200 words). Send me a PDF of the review by the end of the day

Suggest group sex. I’m sure your wife will tell you where to go!