Domande di Internet

For people who live in the United States, is it really all that bad as the media portrays it?

No, the news just reports on the horrific shit. It doesn’t care about the good, it just reports on the bad. We are more balanced

Most of it is pretty awesome. Some of it is really stupid. Some of the people are really stupid. Some of the smart people do stupid stuff. I’m sure it’s just like anywhere else.

It depends on where you live.

No, it is not that bad. The people who believe everything is terrible are the people who main-line the 24 hour news cycle (which is a digital drug as far as I’m concerned).

In my area it’s ridiculously expensive to live here (read: San Francisco/ The Peninsula). You need to be in the tech industry, or connected to it somehow, to make the kind of salary needed to live in a good area. It’s not uncommon to find adults in their 30’s-50’s living in roommate situations to be able to make it. Add to that identity politics saturating everything. It needs to get better.