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For people who live in the United States, is it really all that bad as the media portrays it?

I consider myself lucky living in Seattle. Despite what the media tells you, we aren’t a burning anarchist city. There’s protests in a small area of downtown but otherwise life goes on here. I say this living a mere 3 miles from the protests.

People wear their masks for the most part and social distance. Our state government is reasonably competent and I’m confident my vote won’t be tampered with here.

I probably couldn’t say the same about other parts of the country.

Yes and No.

For the vast, vast majority of the country, everyday life is business as usual, if harder to deal with given the COVID restrictions, job losses, childcare situation, schools opening and closing, etc. There isn’t any really bad food or necessity shortages, people are not gunning each other down in the streets, electricity and water are not scarce.

However, most everybody is mentally exhausted and many are financially insecure, thanks to the everyday actions of our President. There are some mostly peaceful, sometimes violent protests going on in major cities still, and fires in California. As always, race issues are simmering under everything.

Early voting is happening like crazy. Like 70% above normal compared to 2016.

Everybody is just limping along doing their best until the Election.

No. It’s not perfect, but it’s fine. Anyone who lives here and thinks they have it terrible should visit a 3rd world country.

how does the media portray it???? lol

If you close your eyes no.