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For people who live in the United States, is it really all that bad as the media portrays it?

Not gonna lie, day to day lifestyle is just whatever. I can’t take my kids to their preschool anymore and that’s the hardest part. They want to see their friends. It’s all they talk about. And no matter how good of a dad I’m being, they want their friends. Or at least interacting with kiddos their age. It actually kills me.

It depends where you fall economically, racially, gender, religion, sexuality, age, location, education, family history, etc. But in general, yeah it sucks but somehow millions of us make it through to the next day, with laughs, and love, and doing our best to just put one foot in front of the other.

I moved here 5 years ago and it is the best thing that ever happened to me!

The lack of healthcare really sucks. People are always laughing at others for using essential oils and pseudoscience. Yeah its because we can’t afford the real stuff. Other than that its fine. Portland isn’t bad either. Its literally just one street in the whole state.

This question is so vague. Some things are fucking terrible. For example, 40% of our population think, at varying levels of certainty, that out government is full of demonic baby eaters and fucking Donald Trump is the savior (I’m not joking. They call themselves QAnon and they are slowing taking over the Republican Party). So there’s that.

Oh, and we are about to have a president lose an election and refuse to concede or give up the office. We all have taken for granted that democracy requires actual adults to participate in good faith to work. And when this happens, he will probably call his supporters (see the 40% mentioned above) to take to the streets and cause mayhem, and they will.

But, even with all that happening, I’m still a very proud American. We are the only country capable of pulling ourselves out of such a dark period in our history, and we will. I don’t mean that as a knock as it has very little to do with the current batch of Americans living right now and everything to do with the men and women who risked it all to start this place and did so with certain rights that we see as “unalienable”. They gave us the tools to fix this and we will