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For those of you who workout, eat healthy, and go to therapy, how has it changed you? What motivates you?

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Maybe not therapy but an activity that keeps your mind sane?

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I do all of those. It made me more confident, face old traumas, and helped me learn what makes a healthy relationship and what doesn’t. I have a standing weekly appointment and I hate disappointing people, so that motivates me to go to therapy. I’m also motivated by feeling better, and all three of those things make me feel better. It also tends to be a cycle, going to therapy makes it easier to work out with makes me want to eat healthily which makes me want to work out and so on and so forth.

I used to work out and eat healthy up until the quarantine, I haven’t really worked out in two months and I feel like crap, also my usually-clear skin is now super bumpy

In terms of mental health it helped me think with a clearer mind as well as sleep better. I also used working out as a way to stop thinking about things which helped a lot at times.

I don’t go to therapy anymore but I did all the rest before quarantine. It made me feel great. I felt in control, excited about food and exercise (I do pole fitness and love it), my body felt good, I felt awake and focused each day. Motivation just to feel that good each day is enough for me.

I like to move and be strong

I like food, and as much as I enjoy junk every now and then healthy food is more varied and fun

I like to be a better more self-aware person

Working out was a way for me to release stress from life. Seeing the gains from it made me realize if I can consistently maintain being active and getting stronger, then I can do anything. Eating healthy was important for me to keep up with my workouts.

Ive fallen hard off the wagon since quarantine started. I did consistently do home workouts until this week. Going to take an entire week off to just rest and not think about working out. I haven’t done that in a while so I think it will help me recalibrate.

After quarantine is lifted, I am finding myself a therapist. The need for me to see one has risen.

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