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Gamers of Internet, when was there a real world situation where gaming gave you an edge?

Playing mainly FPS-games on a competitive level when I was young propably helped me when I was in the army. Moving or quickly appearing targets were familiar and I had no problems reacting and aiming at them on a split-second. Second best shooter in the batallion and the best one was some guy who had been hunting since he was a kid.

Other thing aquired through gaming was english. I was way ahead most of the kids in my class when we started learning it on 5th grade. Master of Orion 2, Civilization 2, Leisure Suit Larry etc. combined with English dictionary were my actual teachers.

Doing speed runs made me notice a lot of ways I could get my morning routine (during normal life) to be quicker

Took up archery in college, gotta say botw helped quite a bit when I started out.

Playing Zelda Ocarina of Time when I was 5 forced me to learn how to read very early on. That and Pokemon taught me phonetics.

Beating up hookers.