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Gamers of Internet, when was there a real world situation where gaming gave you an edge?

I used to organize events, recruit, come up with tactics and lead games inside my clan for around two years.

Ended up becoming an NCO in the army.

Geography. Playing games like Plague Inc. has taught me the names of countries and their locations.

A lot of situations, even small ones. Whenever there’s a problem I will usually believe that there’s a way out and start analyzing my surrounding to think on how to overcome it.

For example: I once caught a taxi to a bus station at like 4am, went to another town for work, got back into hometown around 11pm. When the bus was almost arriving, I realized I couldn’t find my house keys, and the memory of taking them off my bag to get my wallet when I was in the taxi earlier hit me. Instead of panicking I made several plans on how to deal with the issue. I would call the taxi company to see if they had it first. If not or if I couldn’t get it right away, I’d go to a cheap hotel spend the night. In the morning I’d call my boss to say I wouldn’t be able to get to work at my usual time, then brother and see if he had the emergency key I gave him ages ago. If not, I’d call a locksmith. I had this problem and went straight into puzzle-solving mode, even being tired, because that’s what I do everyday when playing games. Lucky me, the cab driver still had it and was working that night again, so he just picked me up and I was reunited with my keys before getting home.

I play games where strategizing can be important. I am able to prioritize what needs to happen before I do something, otherwise my stealthy plan no longer works and I could be compromised.

Similar to school, gotta prioritize assignments and get the done according to plan other wise it goes to crap.

As a cop, mini map awareness (like from gta) translated quite nice into directional awareness and using my gps at work.