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Guys and Girls of Internet, what are your most embarrassing injuries?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Guys and Girls of MassimoL, what are your most embarrassing injuries?
Guys and Girls of MassimoL, what are your most embarrassing injuries?

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I have a scar on my chin I got from falling off a bouncy castle… when I was 18.

I was even sober.

Personally i took a poo so hard a few years back that the inside of my anus split open. wasnt fun.

Riding a horse, the horse reared and fell sideways in the paddock. I felt winded and I got a hit in the groin, but not painful like being hit in the balls.

Anyway, I walked it off and lesson over. I got picked up by my mum and we drove home.

On the way home my groin was aching. As you do, I put my hands down my trousers to cup myself and pulled them out.

Red. Red hands.

I said to my mum I though there was something wrong I think (I’m a bit confused about whether I did this immediately or waited until I got home in silence and told her when I saw for myself).

There was a deep gash at the top of the base of my penis. And I mean DEEP. Like I could see layers I didn’t want to see. The stirrup had hit me right where the penis joins the pubic mound at the top.

She called down her current partner (not my dad) to look at it despite some weak protests from me.

Again my memory fails me (most probably from wilful inhibition). I think I got paper stitches. Remembering how it looked I can’t imagine how I didn’t get that at least. I don’t remember going to the doctor though.

It all still works ok – for anyone who was concerned lol.

i almost broke my dick… it wasnt embarrassing but it was fucking painful

My girlfriend just sprained her foot doing the wap