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Have you ever bumped into your cat outside of your house in the neighborhood? How was the interaction?

I had to give one of my cats to a friend who lived several miles away. On day three at his new abode, he disappeared. Showed up at our back door a week later. Took him back. Two days later showed up again. Did this several times until we decided he just didn’t want to stay there. A neighbor down the street adopted him, and a few times over the next several years I would be walking/driving down the street and there he was, just sitting on the sidewalk or something. When I’d call his name his tail would shoot straight up and he’d walk towards me. He would purr and rub on me so hard. He always remembered. He would let me pet him as long as I wanted, I always had to walk away first. It was so sad.

One day I realized I hadn’t seen him in months and figured he’d passed. He was already 10 or 12 when he went to his new home. That hit me pretty hard.

He was the best cat but we had to get him a new home because of an allergy problem at our home. I still feel bad. I’m tearing up as I type this, and it’s been 20 years.

I’m sorry Morris, I still miss you. ❤️

Depends on which one of my cats. One comes running to me, meowing, and asks for my attention. The other one acts like she doesn’t know me and even tends to be afraid of me. (She’s afraid of like absolutely everything, so it’s not that weird)

I used to work at a movie theater and would walk home in the middle of the night. My cat would be waiting at the end of the cul de sac for me. He wouldn’t let me pet him but would walk just in front of me meowing the whole rest of the way home. It was adorable.

He is now a firmly indoor only boy but is very chatty still and waits by the door for me to get home from work.

My cat jingles ran away on july 4th 3 years ago, im American so he was probs spooked by the fire works and ran off. I found him a year later, a new collar around his neck living with a family down the road, I talked to them tellin them ware he came from, We agreed they should keep him cause he seemed happy there and because i had a new cat, I still see him around sometimes 🙂

On my way to my mom’s house, I made eye contact through the car window with her cat. He was sitting on top of a wall next to another neighborhood cat. He watched me drive by but when we looked at each other and he realized it was me, he slapped the other cat and booked it back to my mom’s yard.