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Have you ever bumped into your cat outside of your house in the neighborhood? How was the interaction?

This reads like the intro of a Studio Ghibli movie, or a Murakami book.

Yes, she knocked a window pane out and was exploring the back yard. I came home and I heard something in the back yard. She gave me her sassy meow saying meow meow I decided that I will used the door to get back in. Meow meow. She was super mad when I fixed that. I think she was getting out for a least a month. My bf almost called his whole band over to look for her while I was as work. I’m thinking that was the beginning of her adventures.

Talked a bunch of shit to the other cats. Still love her though

My cat’s actually recognise my walk. I’ll be walking along the street, hear a bell ringing, and then a little head will pop out a bush.

If I bump into them somewhere, they kind of just freeze, stare, realise it’s me, then run over.

Then they run along side me home, frequently stopping until I catch up, and making me look like a total weirdo to people that pass haha.

I was once in a car with a few friends driving through my neighborhood to my house when a herd of deer crossed in front of us. This happens a lot so I simply stopped to let them pass and saw a cat plodding along in their midst. My cat.

I said, ‘Is that Isabella?’ in amazement and confusion and my friends all confirmed. I rolled down a window and called, ‘Bella!’ and she paused and looked at me, tail swishing, then continued on and followed the deer into the woods.

She’s now near 20 and is a strictly indoor cat, but I wonder sometimes if she misses her deer buds.