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Have you ever bumped into your cat outside of your house in the neighborhood? How was the interaction?

One time when I was walking home from school, when I was halfway to my house, I saw my cat just walking along the side of the road. I was 6 then, so I walked home and told my mother about it, who brought him home.

Avoidance. On both our parts.

He expected to be pet and left alone.

No, you’re going with me young man. You’re in trouble…

Nobody ever wants to hear this, but it needs to be said: please, please reconsider letting your cat go outside, doubly so if it’s into your neighborhood and not your ten acres of farm.

Inside-outside cats live much shorter lives, die much more tragic and painful deaths, invade on other people’s property, and wreak havoc on local ecology—especially birds.

Cats are perfectly happy as indoor-only animals and way better for everyone that way.

One of many, many good treatments of the topic, this one focused purely on the cat:

As usual, I’m gonna answer a question that wasn’t asked. I ran into my dog several times. She would point her head straight forward like she didn’t know me, but be giving me the side eye at the same time and start speed walking back towards the house. All while not acknowledging that she sees me.