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Health professionals, how are you psychologically after 10 months (maybe more) of fighting COVID?

I am so over people wanting to bring 5 of their family members including children that attend school to their medical appointments instead of the one designated visitor. You would think they would be happy to be allowed one companion as a lot of places don’t even allow the one. No, they want to fight and argue about covid not being real and the election and whatever else- look that’s great but we have a responsibility to other patients and we need to be here and healthy to take care of you all as well. Please don’t load your entire family up in the car and pack the waiting rooms space is limited and we are tired of telling you the same thing over and over.

My wife’s a nurse at a giant hospital in a big city and she’s about done with her profession. It was already bad before the pandemic because the corporate board who runs the hospital is more interested in “customer satisfaction” than they are with actual healthcare. As long as patients give the hospital good reviews that’s all they care about. But with Covid it seems like entire deck is stacked against her and the rest of the staff. I think it’s just a complete lack of leadership all the way from the top down. Luckily our state is run by someone who takes Covid seriously and has continuously done everything he could to minimize the damage it was doing to our state. Unfortunately our state has one big city, a couple of smaller cities and nothing but rural villages and towns. And everyone outside those urban areas are doing pretty much everything they can to make Covid spread as fast as fucking possible. For a while my job had us coming into the office as little as possible. Now they want us in at least 3 days a week. And in a lot of places we’ve gone over the last few weeks we’ve seen no one wearing masks. We went out for a hike earlier this month and stopped at a convenience store for water and some called me out for wearing a mask. And guess what? My state has a had a major surge in cases, almost all of them happening in rural areas and spreading to the cities, so much that it’s gaining national attention.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that in a perfect world Covid-19 would only hurt stupid people.

I work in radiology and my wife is a PA in the ED. Aside from gowning up for a lot more isolation patients, it’s been business as usual. In the beginning the ED was quiet. I think people were scared to come in. It’s almost back to normal busy though.

We’ve had a lot of COVID, and a couple of coworkers have gotten it. Not many deaths. In my personal opinion, it’s not as bad as it being made out to be. We’ll see what happens when flu season adds to it though.