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Health professionals, how are you psychologically after 10 months (maybe more) of fighting COVID?

Burnout is real

So fucking over it! Never ending stream of patients denying the fact a global pandemic is happening, and denouncing science behind wearing a mask (seriously, how do you even argue this?). Hospital administrations making it clear that we are expendable when the only thing that matters is the bottom line. Hell, our own government is actively fighting our efforts and essentially releasing propaganda to instill mistrust in us by the general population.

So, how are we doing… Great! /s

My wife is a dentist, and it’s been rough on her mentally. The clinic she works for dialed back the number of patients the docs can see to reduce risk of catching the virus since they are higher risk than most people.

She was then asked to be part of an official covid task force for our area as the medical professional. It was a high visibility position, which looked good, so she decided to take it. The clinic was in charge of all of this so it was no risk to her dental job. The actual job was to add weight to all mandates and to answer any complex questions.

Well now that it has been 8 months since she started, most people on the team can answer the complex questions now. So she mainly sits behind a desk all day, gives updates twice a week to the officials, double checks new guidelines, and answers phones all day. In addition, for the past 8 months, she has to deal with a lot of people on power trips who think that they are the most important person in the room. She is mentally exhausted with people constantly thinking they are above the rules, karens like to call the questions hotline and when they don’t get the answer they want they ask for her “manager”. It’s a daily thing for her.

She is both frustrated and bored out of her mind. Thankfully she has set her end date so she can go back to doing dentistry and some other dentist is going to take her place.

I work in radiology and my wife is a PA in the ED. Aside from gowning up for a lot more isolation patients, it’s been business as usual. In the beginning the ED was quiet. I think people were scared to come in. It’s almost back to normal busy though.

We’ve had a lot of COVID, and a couple of coworkers have gotten it. Not many deaths. In my personal opinion, it’s not as bad as it being made out to be. We’ll see what happens when flu season adds to it though.

Tired, work at a nursing home