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Health professionals, how are you psychologically after 10 months (maybe more) of fighting COVID?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Health professionals, how are you psychologically after 10 months (maybe more) of fighting COVID?
Health professionals, how are you psychologically after 10 months (maybe more) of fighting COVID?

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Army medic, stationed in Germany. My unit (an infantry squadron) took over the quarantine and medical response efforts in our area (NOT the actual MEDCOM unit, those lazy bastards).
Long days, long nights, but between February and July, we managed to keep COVID rates low and awareness high.
It’s when we did a changeover with one of our partner squadrons that things got awry. Quarantine efforts slacked, infection rates started to go up. A better testing system was established by MEDCOM, but 2CR (the infantry regiment) spearheaded it.
Eventually, it became a COVID vs training game. What’s more important? When it’s training time, COVID is an after thought. But when we finally get some time off, suddenly it’s all anyone can think about.
As a medic, it’s difficult keeping up with Regiment’s policies and disseminating them down to the soldiers. Equally, how do we enforce good health practice when half the leadership won’t follow suite, or only follow good practice when it suits them?

Very frustrated. In my community (West Virginia, USA) people think it is either fake, a joke, masks “make your CO2 too high”, or (the most recent one) that there is a conspiracy that COVID is now in flu shots… So now, with the addition of not wearing masks, gathering in large numbers, and not washing their hands, no one is getting a flu vaccine too… We have a dense elderly population in my county, they are most at risk but they won’t even hear what i sn trying to teach them or will try to argue with how I am wrong. I’ve even had people state to me that the healthcare system is experimenting on patients, intentionally exposing them to COVID and the nurses are”in on it for the money”.

Medical laboratory scientist/technologist here; it’d be nice to get a little recognition for actually processing the COVID tests. We’re a “behind the scenes” profession, but we’re still front line in the pandemic. All of those NP swabs end up in the hands of someone like me, who will process and test them to provide results to patients and healthcare teams.

We’ve been short staffed and overworked since before COVID hit, and it’s all pretty draining. I just wish people would know that we exist, and that we’re an integral part of the healthcare team too.

Tbh I’m exhausted, I can’t sleep, less pacience and feeling increasingly sad … doesn’t seem to be the same common burnout I’ve had before idk

My aunt is a head nurse and she’s tired but happy she is helping her community.

She said the most exhausting thing is Covid positive people denying they either have it or throwing a fit because her hospital doesn’t take Trump’s advise.